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We are excited to soon officially provide housing for young women as they attend college and embark on a trajectory to independence. We will continue supporting them with mentors and coaches as we have always done, however, now in a more comprehensive residential environment with counseling services to ensure their success. 

​Housing is not new to us as we have been a part of securing housing for girls in our programs once they have turned 18, and have even taken them into our personal residences as they transitioned. We know that when foster youth turn 18, the last thing they believe they need is  another program where adults "tell them what to do" and the thought of freedom from the system can sound exciting. However, we also know that most 18 year olds are not prepared to face the challenges of adulthood alone, and sadly, youth without families face extremely negative outcomes. So for many years, we have stepped in as that support network and family as we have taken college and housing tours and encouraged girls to make the best choices for their future.



​As we build our housing program, we are equipped and excited to ensure they will not become another negative statistic.
Our team of caring professionals and positive role models will assist in preparing them for beautiful futures.
They deserve the best we have to offer and we believe Foundation Housing will provide a lovely beginning.


Will you join us?


We are currently recruiting designers, decorators, and furniture sponsors to help us prepare our first house to open summer 2023. Please email us today and let us know if you would like to join our efforts and positively impact the future of young women from foster care!

Do you know a high-school student interested in our housing ?

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