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We are excited to soon officially provide supportive college housing for girls as they embark on a trajectory to independence. We will continue supporting them with mentors and coaches as we have always done, however, now in a more comprehensive residential environment with counseling services to ensure their success. 

​Housing is not new to us as we have been involved in securing housing for girls in our programs. We all know most 18 year olds are not fully prepared to face the challenges of adulthood alone, and sadly, without families these challenges are magnified making attending or graduating from college difficult.  We hope to change that as we provide mentoring support towards successful independence.


Will you join us?


As you may be aware, we have experienced delays, but determined to open our doors for this next school year. We have maintained the property made available for our use (at no cost to us), since last year, however, we are in need of approximately  $65,000 before we can finalize the licensing process. The State requires these operating costs which will ultimately be used for social worker salary, etc., as a prerequisite for finalizing our application. If you would like to help financially, or simply know more, please reach out to us.


The beauty of our Organization is that we remain fully volunteer operated with no administrative costs, (including our site which remains free of charge to us), so all financial contributions directly impact those we serve. We have a great volunteer team that makes it all possible. We are so grateful for the support!


We are currently recruiting designers, decorators, and furniture sponsors to help us prepare to open the house and welcome the girls in 2024. Please email us today and let us know if you would like to join our efforts and positively impact the future of young women from foster care!

Do you know a girl graduating high-school this year and interested in supportive college housing?

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