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Camp & Club-ELLA
Spanish definition: "She or her."

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According to the National Education Association, “Girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions…” As an organization, we’ve seen girls flourish and open up during our all-female Camps & Clubs. 


Girls join beginning in first grade and ascend different levels through eighth grade. Upon completing, they are eligible to attend Ready by 21's leadership training for peer-mentoring younger girls.

Camp-Ella is a one week summer camp designed to build confidence, create childhood memories and life long friendships.

·Club-Ella is a school- year club that introduces girls to entrepreneurship and leadership. Recreation including excursions, sports, celebrations and mentors with the goal of establishing life-long connections.

Make a referral:


Girls may be referred by social workers, caregivers, or any caring adult.

Girls may attend the following programs without Club-Ella membership:

Teacher and Young Student
Gardening Together
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Character Development

through reading literacy

Reading is the foundation of all learning and knowledge.

​Children in foster care lag significantly behind their peers in reading, writing, numeracy, and language and perform significantly worse on measures of academic and socioemotional adjustment compared to children from low socioeconomic backgrounds. (Mitic & Rimer, 2002)


​Program Philosophy:

As children read out-loud to mentors they build confidence and connection.  The curriculum focuses on character development and dramatic play. At the end of their time together, children visit their "little library house" to select level-appropriate books to take home.


Farm to fork experience

Introduction to healthy food preparation. We are currently learning to grow vegetables at our site. We need your help!

Promotes kindness while teaching entrepreneurship

Our first lemonade stand provided the opportunity for girls to plan, design and execute their lemonade business. Profits from their business were used for a trip to Disneyland.

All lemonade stand profits are used for excursions/field trips.

Currently enrolling
  • 1st & 2nd grades: Reading Literacy
  • 4th & 5th grades: Sunshine Lemonade.
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