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OUR HISTORY: The Glass Slipper formed in 1997, under the leadership of D. Jacqueline Guzman, as a grass-roots effort to empower women in transitional housing and recovery homes.

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead.

We quickly learned that as women were inspired to grasp hold of their future, they began to influence each other for the better. We witnessed great things happening within our groups, and we were challenged to reach this demographic at an earlier age as they described adolescence being the pivotal time most life-altering decisions were made.  So, with their input as to where we might find this demographic (their daughters), we discovered group homes, and embarked on the journey of reaching girls in foster care.

We found group homes to be similar to recovery homes, in the sense of shared living in institutionalized environments, however, a bit more challenging to build connection with disengaged teenagers. Nonetheless, with commitment and authenticity, we sought ways to engage them in fun, meaningful activities. When our team reflects on what we did best, we agree it was "showing up." Youth often commented that we 'really showed up,' basically did what we said we would do. And so, decades later, we continue showing up and seeking greater ways to empower young women and girls to discover their voice and intrinsic value. This is our passion and mission in serving this demographic.


OUR PROGRAMS were designed to establish connection as early as first grade through high-school, and remain in relationship through adulthood. Our philosophy of each-one teach-one allows for peer-mentoring and "giving back" by those who have participated.. Nothing makes us prouder than witnessing those with lived experience in leadership roles. Our goal is to build community, as we provide a sense of family and belonging.

​Much has transpired since establishing in 1997. We have witnessed the effects of a life without early intervention, as well as the benefits of prevention through mentoring. Additionally, as we have grown, so has our passion to ensure no child is left out, therefore, a team of us has been preparing to establish quality programs for males. We know the beauty in learning and building trust among peers without distractions, so as we add programs strategically supporting males, we will offer a separate location just for them.  


Our Name Change:


As construction of the commercial kitchen and event space began at our site and the slab was poured, the obvious difference between the existing house elevation and the new foundation was significant. While walking the cemented area and envisioning the new building with our team, Jackie described the difference in the foundation was to support a much larger building and how she viewed her season with the Organization in this way, as establishing a solid foundation for another level of growth and the next generation to step up. She described the importance of a firm foundation in a child's life through a healthy, stable family, educational opportunities and support in order to accomplish their adult goals and dreams. Unfortunately, youth from foster care often lack this.


As our team reflected on the past 25 years, and prayerfully prepared for the next, The Foundation resonated with our focus of changing negative outcomes for youth exiting foster-care. We are ever more determined to empower and equip youth from foster care as we help strengthen their foundation for adulthood. We envision The Foundation as a launching pad for their success. Will you join us?




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