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OUR MISSION: To inspire, empower and equip young women and girls for life through a supportive mentoring network.


While we work with all girls referred to us by school districts and community members, our primary focus remains those who have experienced foster care. Therefore, our comprehensive programs have the overarching goal of preparing them for independent living. We are driven by the need to advocate for and help amplify the voices of girls who have often become voiceless in the midst of an overwhelmed foster-system.

OUR HISTORY: The Glass Slipper formed in 1997, under the leadership of D. Jacqueline Guzman, as a grass-roots effort to empower women in transitional housing and recovery homes.

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead.

We quickly learned that as women were inspired to grasp hold of their future, they began to influence each other. We witnessed great things happening within our groups and were challenged to reach this demographic at an earlier age as they described adolescence being the pivotal time when most life-altering decisions were made.  We sought out group homes, where many of their daughters lived, and embarked on the journey of reaching girls in foster care.

We found group homes to be similar to recovery homes, in the sense of shared living in institutionalized environments, however, a bit more challenging to build connection with disengaged teenagers. Nonetheless, with commitment and authenticity, we sought ways to engage them in meaningful activities to help them discover their voices and intrinsic value.

​Much has transpired since establishing in 1997. We have witnessed the effects of a life without early intervention, as well as the benefits of prevention through mentoring.


Our Name Change:


While we enjoyed the whimsical Glass Slipper name, unfortunately, it did not reflect the depth of our work.

The Foundation resonates with our mission of empowering youth from foster care, as we help them strengthen their foundation for adulthood.


The importance of a firm foundation in a child's life through a healthy, stable family, educational opportunities and support is crucial in accomplishing adult goals and dreams. Sadly, youth from foster care have not had this but instead experienced childhood trauma caused by those who were supposed to protect them. While the system is in place to protect children as they are uprooted from their environments, it cannot guarantee love and connection. Most youth who age out of the system have experienced multiple home placements which has added additional challenges. While it is often said that children are resilient, statistics reflect youth from foster care do not fare well. Their outcomes are dire, including homelessness, early pregnancies, and generational cycles of system care.


We envision The Foundation as a launching pad for their success as we together help change negative outcomes one youth at a time. Will you join us?




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