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Please note that our website is currently under construction as we navigate our name change.


Providing a pathway to success for youth from foster-care

The Foundation is a Sacramento Ca., based non-profit organization, formerly known as The Glass Slipper since 1997.  We provide mentoring support and holistic programs for youth who have experienced foster care. 


We have witnessed the significant impact of relational support, so mentoring remains the heartbeat of our work. Through a trauma-informed community of mentors and coaches, we provide a circle of support to empower and equip youth for brighter futures.

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This short video was filmed in 2013 and provides a glimpse into The Glass Slipper ten years back. The lovely young woman featured is now a young adult enjoying a successful career. Her smile has not changed and we are honored to remain a part of her life. Throughout our site, where faces are visible, models are used to protect the confidentiality of youth in the foster care system.

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