IMAGE… Think about what this word meant to you as a teenager. This word has a much deeper meaning for us than just how we look or present ourselves. It represents:








Everything a girl needs to succeed!

Our IMAGE programs encourage transformation from the inside out.

The IMAGE Academy provides the foundation for girls ages 12-18 to recognize their full potential. This program was previously only offered exclusively to girls in foster-care, however, due to multiple requests it is offered to all girls through school district requests. Because EVERY girl deserves the opportunity to discover her full potential.


There are five objectives which support our mission of equipping girls for life:


Inspiration- to develop self-esteem &  purpose 

Motivation - to discover talents and potential

Action- to set goals, build dreams and a life -plan 

Growth - to develop leadership skills through service 

Empowerment - to develop job  & life skills for independent living 


Each of these objectives represents a module (a series of classes) and each incorporates a celebration of completion.  Celebrating success is a big component of our IMAGE Academy. Upon graduating, girls become Junior Coaches (peer mentors), thereby strengthening their learned skills and remaining in the circle of support beyond emancipation from the foster-care system.  There's one thing we've discovered... before job and life skills can be effectively taught, the issue of self-image must be addressed. Our solution is the point of entry in to The Academy: IMAGE BootCamp